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~*~Clumsy~*~ Manager!Levi x Waitress!Reader AU
 You loved being a waitress. Something about the hustle and bustle of the business made you feel alive. The smell of the delicious, tantalizing food, the chorus of voices and silverware clanking were just a few things you enjoyed about working in the restaurant business. You were a part of a well-connected, well organized team which also made the busy nights fly by without a hitch. That was all thanks to your manager, Levi Ackerman. Never before had you worked for such a strict, hard working person and you'd only worked there three months, but he took the responsibilities more seriously than anyone you'd ever met. You admired and respected him.
 The restaurant, and it's staff, worked like a well-oiled machine.
 There was one problem.
 You were the clumsiest waitress on staff...
 It was your one, fatal flaw as an employee. During the week, you were fine; you were polite, carried yourself with poise and always took care of your tables with gr
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 38 5
Of Ravens and Tomatoes[Soulmate AU! Levi x Reader]
**Mild cursing ahead also the italics meant it's the reader's thought. Enjoy ;)
They say the first time you’ll ever get a glimpse of your soul mate is on the night before you turn 6 years old. In the deepest part of the night, a hazy vision will cloud your dreams and there, you’ll get the first hint on who they are, the person you’ll call as your other half in the future, your soul mate.
From then on, these visions will appear in your dreams once in a while. It’s a weird phenomenon, especially when you’re dreaming about eating ice cream from the ice cream rain. You could practically be dreaming of anything then suddenly, a mist fogs your dream and your feet involuntarily tries to find a way out of it. And when you do, on the end of it all, you’ll finally see a hint. They’re quite vague at times, sometimes it’s an object, sometimes it’s a word. It’s like a puzzle, you’ll need to correctly arrange everything to
:iconnomsforthestranger:NomsfortheStranger 39 14
Gaara x Reader - Medicine (Naruto)
The shiny (e/c) orbs were fixed on the young secretary that stood before her, a somewhat puzzled expression adorned the (h/c)’s face.
"What…?” muttered absently the (h/c). “You want me to deliver Gaara these papers?"
The young woman was perfectly aware that the Kazekage had come down with a considerably severe cold a few days before, and had remained sick for the entire week. The red head’s older siblings delivered him the most important paperwork every day while helping him convey his positions to the village’s council; apparently, however, in this particular day, both Kankurou and Temari were away from the village as they had errands that needed to be taken care of.
Being Temari’s closest friend, (f/n) was led to getting to know her two brothers, meaning it didn’t come as a complete shock when she was the one being requested to substitute the Kazekage’s older siblings for the day.
"Please (f/n)! It’s really important!”
:iconsophie-frost:Sophie-Frost 31 7
Mini-me. | Saitama
"Hey, Mommy?"
Your head perked up from the dishes in the sink to the five-year-old sitting in the living room. He's on the floor, legs criss-crossed, and far too close to the television for you comfort. You'd told him time and time again to sit back a bit, regretfully using the line your mother did on you --about the screen causing blindness, but that warning was ignored.
Especially when the "Caped Baldy" was on the screen.
Ever since his appearance and his recent gain in popularity, your son worshiped his existence. It was still just a rumor, one that numerous blogs argued and tried to disprove according to your son, but when he learned that he had taken out that meteor over Z-city with one punch the kid was over the moon.
You thought "Caped Baldy" sounded a little lame given the rumors, but the boy, in his childish prowess, found it hilarious. Thus, it was always "Caped Baldy" this, and "Caped Baldy" that.
There's no way the hero came up with that name himself.
Or liked it.
"You don'
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 55 18
Devil's Spawn | Rin Okumura x Reader {Drabble}
    Tears streamed down your face as you stumbled back away from the boy in front of you. It wasn’t the tail or even his horns that made you fear him so much. It was the blue flames that surrounded him. No, they didn’t just surround him. They were being radiated by him. It was those same blue flames that touched you and yet you weren’t burned. In fact, they saved you. But that small detail didn’t matter.
    Blue flames were the infamous signature of the devil himself and no matter what feeling you held for Rin, you couldn’t let that go. All feeling you previously had for him were erased and all was left was despise. Despise for the devil and what he did to your family. What he did to make you the only survivor.
    Fear suddenly washed over you as you tripped and fell back, watching helplessly as he walked closer to you, with the blue flames still engulfing
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 25 7
Knb Characters x Reader

Compilation of different loveshots of our dearest KnB characters and you!
All are complete except from those that are labeled as not/haiatus/incomplete!
All in this sheet are just 1st Part, you can follow the link below each story if you want to read the rest of the chapters---all stories are linked to their next chapter and such up to end.
Akashi Seijurou x Reader Complete

Midorima Shintarou x Reader Complete

Kise Ryouta x Reader Complete

Aomine Daiki x Reader Complete
[Realization] Aomine x Reader (pt 1) by gekokujougirl
Murasakibara Atsushi x Reader Complete
Sweet Soury Candy You (Murasakibara X Reader) by gekokujougirl Jealousy and Kisses Murasakibara x Reader by gekokujougirl
Nijimura Shuuzo x Reader Complete
Nijimura x Reader by gekokujougirl Himuro x Reader : Hot and Cold [1] by gekokujougirl Nijimura II: LOST in the NIGHT (1) by gekokujougirl
Himuro Tatsuya x Reader Complete
Himuro X Reader [Like?] by gekokujougirl
Kagami Taiga x Reader
:icongekokujougirl:gekokujougirl 6 0
[A mere Hanyou] Sesshomaru x HalfDemon!Reader Ch.1
Chapter one (A/N: Rin nor Jaken will be in the story, just to make it easier for me ^-^)
(y/n)= Your name :)
(l/n)= Last name
(f/c)= Favorite color
(h/c)= Hair color
(h/l)= Hair length
(e/c)= Eye color
(h/s)= Hair style
Thank you, and enjoy :D (P.S: Reader-tan is a young child, about, say 9-11 years old. ^-^ )
 You wandered mindlessly around the woods, trying to find your way out. You hadn't realized how far you've gone in the woods just to pick some herbs and flowers. The sun had set half an hour ago and now it was dark. The trail you had taken in the forest was now hidden in the shadow of the trees.
 There was a faint glowing in the distance, almost resembling a fire. You figured it was a group of people traveling about the area. You thought maybe they would give you directions to your village.
 But when you reached the light, there was a demon.
:iconatreiyuphantomhive:AtreiyuPhantomhive 235 20
Gaara x Fem!Reader || Home Safe
Gaara x Fem!Reader || Home Safe
The sound of how hard your hand made contact with his cheek silenced the group of shinobi who’d rescued the man you’d just dared hit across the face. The group remained silent as they gaped at you for your actions while the redhead’s pale skin began to turn red on his cheek. However, he didn’t scold you as he looked at you with his seafoam eyes. They were expressionless other than the hint of guilt you barely caught in their beautiful pools. Your head lowered to stare at the ground as your (h/c) locks surrounded and covered your face to hide you from him. “You idiot…” you said softly. “…I thought you were never coming back…” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other at the scene you were making, putting him in a position he didn’t like being publicized at the moment. “…(y/n)-,” he started, but you interrupted him. “Don’t ‘(y/n)’ me, Ga
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 47 7
The Red King-Suoh Mikoto by qiqi5sno The Red King-Suoh Mikoto :iconqiqi5sno:qiqi5sno 13 0 wallpaper Death Note by afietka wallpaper Death Note :iconafietka:afietka 1,039 73
Take You to Paradise | Finale | (Saeran x reader)
“Are you okay?” She recognised his voice. It was the stranger she met at a bar a couple of weeks ago. “Have you changed your mind, doll?” She didn’t flinch when she heard his voice or try to run away from him. She simply looked at him; tears burned her eyes and her lower lip trembled. “Don’t cry, doll. Come with me, I'll take you to paradise.” He offered her a smile.
“Why… why do you keep following me?” She sobbed. During those few weeks, he had been following her. No matter where she went: the park, a bar, college, her workplace, he was always there simply staring at her until she noticed him. Then, he would smile and walk away. It was as if he was making sure that she was okay. “What do you want from me?” The (h/c) girl rubbed her eyes with her hands wiping away the tears that were coursing down her cheeks.
“I told you before, didn’t I? I want to take you to a place free fr
:iconvenulus:Venulus 34 0
Taken By Me (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader)
You lived in Miyagi and go to Karasuno. You were the assistant manager of the volleyball team. Tanaka and Nishinoya have always been nosy about your love life because for as long as they’ve known you, they’ve never once seen you go on a date.
The Karasuno volleyball team knew you had a boyfriend. They knew he was from Tokyo and that he was a volleyball player. However, aside from Daichi and Suga, none of them knew his name or what school he attended.
The Nekoma volleyball team knew their captain had a girlfriend. They knew you were from Miyagi and the manager of one of the volleyball teams. Aside from Kenma, none of them knew your name or what school you attended.
You and Kuroo had met by pure coincidence, Kuroo on the other hand likes to say it was fate.
You had met 4 years ago while you were on vacation in Tokyo with your family. You had decided to go explore on your own before going home and ended up getting lost. A good-looking guy approached you and asked if you needed
:iconitsranko:itsranko 64 15
Camp Shenanigans (Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader)
Taken By Me (Part 1)
“And that’s how we met,” you finished.
You and the other managers were currently sitting in the room you shared together. They wanted to know more about your relationship with Kuroo and how it started so you told them.
“Wow, that sounds like it came straight out of a movie,” said Shirofuku.
“Kuroo likes to say it was fate,” you said and chuckled.
“What is it like dating the scheming captain of Nekoma?” Asked Kiyoko.
“Well, he’s a great boyfriend. He seems to always have a shit eating grin on his face but there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. It feels like I’m dating my best friend, he knows what to say and what to do to put me in a good mood and he reads me like a book,” you replied.
“You really love him, huh?” Asked Suz
:iconitsranko:itsranko 37 2
Stalker Alert: Aoba Johsai (Various x Reader)
That man, he was strange.
There was a loyal customer at the restaurant you worked at who had very noticeably taken a liking to you, he would always request for you to be his waitress and would leave large tips. However for the last few days he had become increasingly pushy, demanding to know what school you were from and if you had a boyfriend. It got even worse when you started working the night shift, he would wait for you till your shift ended and offered you a ride home. You, of course, politely declined and opted to walk home instead but then he started trying to walk you home.
Fortunately, being someone who had many friends outside of school, you would always bump into someone you knew and they would offer to walk you home because Iwaizumi would kill them if something were to happen to you on their watch. You happened to bump into Kyoutani once and you whispered to him about the weird man following you, he caught on immediately and offered to walk you home. On the way back, you t
:iconitsranko:itsranko 53 4
One Late Night | Alucard
Alucard x Child!Reader
The wind howled ghoulishly through the cracks in the window, and the trees raked against the glass. Their shadow stretched within the confines of lighting's light, invading a sleepless child's bedroom who jolted at the clap of furious thunder. With the blankets pulled up to her eyes, [Name] cowered at the grumbling sounds and desperately tried to ignore the things her mind conjured up. Her heart beat was rampant, her knuckles white from her grip on the sheets and a cold sweat dampened her crooked brows.
Mummy Integra wouldn't like it very much if she crawled in bed with her again, [Name] thought. She wanted so badly for the child to be brave, she told her she was much too old to still be afraid of the dark; but when [Name] was aware of the very evils that lurked in such darkness how could she not be? There were people who were sworn to protect Mummy Integra, but they weren't obligated to protect [Name].
[Name] wasn't blood.
[Name] wasn't a Hellsing.
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 38 10
Reader x Izaya - Catch Me
Reader x Izaya - Catch Me
Warning - This piece contains sensitive material related to suicide and depression. Read at your own risk.

You hum to yourself as you wait for the mysterious person you were to meet. They said to meet here, in this exact spot, exactly an hour ago. Sighing deeply, you decide it is time to head home; the sun has long gone to sleep and the moon’s rays illuminate the dark streets.
Did he forget about me? you wonder, kicking your feet back and forth. Standing from your spot, you hoist your messenger bag up your shoulder and begin walking towards the sidewalk.
“Excuse me?” a voice called from behind. “(F/n)?”
Pausing, you turn around and face the person.
“Yes! (F/n)... I apologize for being so late. There was an issue with… my girlfriend. Walk with me?”
He smiles softly at you. “Come now.”
The two of you stroll down the side of the street and chat awkwardly. After
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 31 8


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